How much have contacts changed?

Answer While contact lenses may seem like a marvel of modern science, both the idea and the actual use of them are significantly older. As a result, contact lenses have changed a lot over the years.Origi... Read More »

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How and why have times changed so much?

during that historical grandmother's time there were people called relatives who lived nearby and who could watch kids (even on a very short notice).. kids could go outside and play (without the hi... Read More »

Where have all my old contacts gone. Will you dedicate some songs to the great contacts that have left YA.?

For my sweet friend who loves her canines AJ (hugs)Angel by Sarah McLachalan…

What does it mean when your Skype number of contacts changed?

Hey!If you had 9 contacts from the beginning then, if your friend blocked you that would make your contact list 8, now that your friend have unblocked you again and added you again. It is 9. If non... Read More »

Hello R&P: let's see how much influence your contacts have had on you...?

I know you by your love for AC/DC but you aren't limited in that. You have a great taste in music over a wide range of artists and styles. That's why I love your questions. You Rock. I can't believ... Read More »