How much harm am I doing?

Answer You need to have your mom get you into your doctor and discuss the possibilities of being bi-polar and getting on a medication for it. Symptoms of being bi-polar are self harm, ,mood swings, depres... Read More »

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Is this doing me harm?

Does doing a systems restore harm your pc in any way How often can this be done?

Before you do another system restore create a restore point when your computer has no problems and then when a system restore is needed , restore to the known good restore point that you created. U... Read More »

How much does smoking a couple of cigarettes a week actually harm me?

Everyone if different. George Burns was a very heavy smoker (actor who died at age 100) Others die young of lung cancer ---some who have never smoked (due to their own smoking or second hand sm... Read More »

If a small car hits you at 40mph will it cause as much harm to you as a big car hitting you at the same speed?

it all depends on the m-cap safety rating.some cars have poor ones, and bad crumple is known for it's safety.but them the issue of the type of cars.. as the jeep is higher up.although ... Read More »