How much hardwood flooring do I need in a 10 x 10 room?

Answer Hardwood flooring is sold by the square foot. According to Simple Floors, the general industry rule is to add 10 percent--to allow for waste--for installations that require less than 1,000 square f... Read More »

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How flat does the underlay need to be for hardwood flooring?

The underlay beneath a hardwood floor should be completely flat. If it is not level, the floor may buckle or get moisture trapped between the subfloor and the underlay. You can level the concrete s... Read More »

How flat does underlayment need to be for hardwood flooring?

In order for hardwood flooring to resist warping and the possibility of failing in a few years, the underlayment needs to be the thinnest available. Gypsum fiber product is a new type of underlayme... Read More »

How much is mesquite hardwood flooring?

The cost of mesquite flooring will vary depending on the quality and grade of mesquite wood you are considering. Mesquite wood flooring is priced on the higher end of natural hardwood flooring. Exp... Read More »

How much hardwood flooring can be installed in a day?

An experienced installer can take between 10 and 12 hours to install up to 400 square feet of hardwood flooring. With a pneumatic hammer, you can install 100 to 200 square feet of hardwood flooring... Read More »