How much hand sanitizer do I need to drink to get drunk?

Answer I don't figure that you are stupid enough to join the idiots that are actually drinking hand sanitizer. Your question has no value on this site and its better placed in the health categories if you... Read More »

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If i rubbed hand sanitizer all over my body would i get drunk?

If you poured a 26oz on yourself, do you think you would get drunk? NO. Most of the alcohol will evaporate. You need to ingest it.And to ZaCj

How much beer do I need to drink to get drunk but not sick?

It all depends on your tolerance to alcohol. If you drink fairly regularly then you will be able to drink more and hold it down better. For someone your size I would start with three tallboys and s... Read More »

Ok I just turned 21 so i wanna get drunk. I brought vodka, now how much do i have to drink to get drunk?

Drink 1 ounce every 15 minutes until I start looking sexy. Then stop 'cause you're drunk.

How much alcohol can you drink without getting drunk?

If its budlight... I kan drink a 12 pack without getn drunk! At least I used to b able to, lol, haven't ben drinking here lately.