How much hair loss is normal in women?

Answer The average amount of hair lost is generally 50 to100 strands a day. However for women, a few conditions can increase that amount. Pregnancy, menopause, thyroid disorders and even stress can play a... Read More »

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Normal Hair Loss in Women?

Women are understandably troubled by any type of hair loss. Without knowing the cause, women will try anything to stop hair loss and reverse it. Women will go through periods where hair loss is to... Read More »

How Much Hair Loss Is Normal?

There is no specific number on how many hair strands are considered a normal amount of hair loss. Various factors like the color of the hair, density and length are all factors in hair loss. Howev... Read More »

How to Regrow Hair After Hair Loss (Women)?

In their mid-life years, many women suffer from dramatic hair thinning that shows up as bald spots or parts of the scalp showing through thinning hair. This is most often a huge shock to women, who... Read More »

Reasons for Hair Loss in Women?

Most of the time hair loss is a topic for men because men are more susceptible to hereditary hair loss. Hereditary hair loss is caused by dihydrotestosterone, a by-product of testoterone, which is... Read More »