How much hair fall out is normal?

Answer It depends on your stress and and the time of the year. If you haven't washed your hair for a few days then when it's wet, then when you wash it will seem like more hair is coming out.

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Is it normal to take this long to fall asleep at night?

Is it normal to fall asleep 2 minutes in to your MRI scanEven iif you weren't tired?

My dear friend,you can.Nothing wrong in it!

Is it normal to have blood pressure so low that sometimes when u stand up ur eyes go black an u fall down?

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How to stop hair thinningnot hair fall due to breakage.?

eat healthy food ...especially a handful of dry nuts daily do a lot to hair... and have regular exercise and get your hair trimmed for every 3 months.... try warm oil massages if your hair is dry. ... Read More »