How much hair dye is used when coloring?

Answer The amount of color used depends on hair length and density (number of hairs per square inch). Shoulder-length hair that is not overly thick will need approximately 8 ounces of color to saturate th... Read More »

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How to Use a Toner When Coloring Hair?

Toner is a wonderful product to use when you want to add depth to your hair. You may have found the color you want, but you must take the correct steps to make that color look natural. Take a cue f... Read More »

How to Separate and Foil Hair When Coloring?

Foiling your hair is a great way to get highlights. It can be done on any length of hair, curly or straight. If you're hoping for lighter hair just around your face, you can even foil your own hair... Read More »

How to Remove Foils and Rinse When Coloring Hair?

If you're getting your hair colored or are looking at becoming a hair stylist, you may be wondering about the final step of hair color--removing the foils and rinsing the chemicals away. Luckily, i... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Orange-Red Tones When You're Coloring Hair?

Hair can easily turn to an orange-red, or brassy color, when it's not dyed the proper shade. If your hair has a natural red highlight in it -- or if you have a warm skin tone -- dyeing your hair wi... Read More »