How much gold is in a computer chip?

Answer Depending on the specific computer microchip, there is about $2 to $4 worth of recoverable gold embedded in the chip.Source:Browsing for Treasure in Trash

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Why not put whole cpu chip into hlc for gold?

Are the pins in computer processes really gold, or are they just gold plated?

That depends. Now-A-Days they are only gold plated for cost reasons, thats why components are now priced cheaper. Back in the day, processors & such were made of 24 carat gold & were expensive. Whe... Read More »

Is there a certain chip inside a computer that will show you everything that you ever had on your computer?

go to and download a program called "recuva'use this to scan your entire hard drive and it will show all the files that have been deleted but not yet overwritten. its not a guarantee b... Read More »

How big is a computer chip?

The first chip was engineered by Jack Kilby for Texas Instruments. This integrated circuit measured 7/16 by 1/16-inches. The functionality of chips continues to increase as the size gets smaller, ... Read More »