How much gold is in a computer chip?

Answer Depending on the specific computer microchip, there is about $2 to $4 worth of recoverable gold embedded in the chip.Source:Browsing for Treasure in Trash

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How much education is needed to become a computer chip technician?

Employers expect computer chip technicians, or semiconductor processors, to have at least an associate's degree and often a certification. On-the-job training issometimes considered to be a valid ... Read More »

How much gold is in a computer motherboard?

A typical motherboard from a personal computer has less than 1 gram of gold in it, with a metric ton of computer circuit boards yielding up to 1,500 grams of gold.Source:Gold Scrap Recovery, Hub Pa... Read More »

How much gold is in an average computer microprocessor?

A Pentium 4 processor has 478 pins, each coated with .2 micrometers of gold and around 2 millimeters high. This works out to about .000444 grams of gold per processor.Source:Intel Datasheet for the... Read More »

Why not put whole cpu chip into hlc for gold?