How much gold is a yo-yo worth in RuneScape?

Answer According to RSDemon Online, the yo-yo item was included as a RuneScape Holiday Item for Christmas. Since it was widely given out for free and cannot be traded between players, it is worth 0 gold ... Read More »

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What is black gold trimmed armour worth in Runescape?

Black gold trimmed armor is worth 1,100,000 gold points (gp) in RuneScape. You can get this armor through the Grand Exchange. If your RuneScape character is at least a level two or three, you will ... Read More »

How to Buy RS Gold for Runescape?

Buying gold on Runescape is simple. Players do not have to buy their gold bars; they also have the option of mining and smelting gold ores. Gold bars are very affordable, and are used for the Craft... Read More »

How to Get Gold from H.A.M. on RuneScape?

The H.A.M. caves in Runescape are a source of around 15k-20k or more depending on how you approach them. This article serves as a guide to get the most money possible while playing this area.

Can you buy Runescape gold with Moneybookers?

Jagex, makers of Runescape, does not allow users to purchase gold through MoneyBookers or any other similar means. Additionally, purchasing items through real world trading violates their terms and... Read More »