How much gold has been mined?

Answer The amount of gold mined and refined worldwide since people began the process could be hauled by one oil tanker. The world's gold is estimated to be between 128,000 to 150,000 tons, with 60 percent... Read More »

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How is gold mined&processed?

Gold can be mined two different ways---either in an open pit or underground---depending on where it is located in the earth. The ore is taken out, and the gold is extracted and then refined.Open-Pi... Read More »

How is gold mined in Brazil?

The mechanics of mining are the same in Brazil as elsewhere. Gold production levels there peaked in 1989 and '90, at more than 3 million ounces per year, but mining continues today.Placer MiningPla... Read More »

How is gold mined today?

The process of gold mining occurs when gold minerals are extracted from the earth. An array of modern mining practices are employed to industrially excavate gold ore.PanningPanning for gold is a te... Read More »

How is gold mined&extracted?

Gold is a "noble" metal, meaning that is does not normally oxidize. Gold is extremely malleable and was first used 5,000 years ago as jewelry. Gold exists mainly in rock ores that contain other min... Read More »