How much gb space is needed for books on cd?

Answer Books take up quite a bit of physical space, but take up very little space on a CD in digital form. For perspective, the text download for War and Peace on Project Gutenberg is only 3.14 MB (0.0030... Read More »

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How much GB space is needed on my iPod for audio books on CD?

The amount of space needed on an iPod or other MP3 player for audio books depends on the bit rate used to encode the sound files. If your audio books have encoding of 24 kilobits per second (Kbps),... Read More »

Hi this is rishikesh from India and is appliying for nasa space student contest can you please give me some name of books based on space science?

The real reason we didn't go back is that Nixon canceled as much of the Apollo program as he could get away with, since it was a Democrats' idea. No bucks, no Buck Rogers. He renamed Cape Kennedy "... Read More »

Books Needed for College Classes?

If you're getting ready to start college, you'll soon be spending a bit of time in the school's bookstore shopping for what you need. Even with today's technology, several different kinds of books ... Read More »

How much space do audio books take on an iPod?

The average size for an audio book on an iPod or any MP3 device is about 120MB. This translates to between eight and nine audio books per 1GB of storage space. Longer books, such as the later novel... Read More »