How much gas is used to start a car?

Answer Starting a car only takes a fraction of a gallon. Starting a car takes the same amount of gas as allowing it to idle for only 30 seconds. You will save gas if you turn your car off instead of all... Read More »

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How much gas is used to start your car engine?

The amount of gasoline required to start a car engine is dependent on the number of cylinders the engine has. The engine needs enough gasoline to spark the initial explosion within the cylinders. O... Read More »

Can glycerine and potassium magnate be used to start a fire and how and why is it used in first aid kits?

condy's crystals (potassium permanganate) and glycerine can be used to make a small volcano. The reaction puts out a lot of heat . I know its in some first aid kits . It is used in water purificati... Read More »

I just used baking soda to whiten my teeth and i think i used to much ANSWER PLZ ASAP?

You can damage your enamel by using baking soda to brush, if you brush with it too often or too hard. If you did damage your enamel, you can't repair the damage on your own. You will need a denti... Read More »

Does an employer have to give notice of how much FMLA is used& how much is left?

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) requires employers to notify employees of the amount of time that counts against their FMLA leave. Employers must provide employees on intermittent FMLA leav... Read More »