How much gas does a propane stove use?

Answer A propane stove has a BTU rating listed in the owner's manual or on the appliance. A gallon of propane contains 91,690 BTUs. Divide the rating by 91,690 to find the number of gallons of propane use... Read More »

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Propane Stove Vs. Kerosene Stove?

If you have spent any time in the outdoors, chances are you've used a camp stove of some kind. They are an easy, reliable way to make food without resorting to a campfire. Camp stoves come in many ... Read More »

Propane Vs. Butane Stove?

When camping or hiking the thought of a camp stove always comes to mind. The question of "which is better" simultaneously comes to mind. The portability of compressed fuels such as propane or buta... Read More »

Does a gas stove burn propane?

Most gas stoves are made to operate with either natural gas or propane, but they are installed to use just one type. You can convert a stove to burn propane after it has been installed to use natur... Read More »

How to Light a Propane Gas Stove in an RV?

If you have a stove in your RV it more than likely is a three-burner stove that operates off propane. The propane even heats the oven if your unit has an oven as well. Most owners are replacing an ... Read More »