How much gas does a 6 cylinder car use?

Answer The amount of gas a six-cylinder vehicle uses depends on the vehicle. For example, a 2010 Lexus RX 450H six-cylinder gets 32 city and 28 highway per gallon and a 2010 Honda Accord Coupe six-cylinde... Read More »

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How much does a master cylinder cost?

According to Race Pages, the cost of a master cylinder depends on the make, model and year of a car. For example, for a 1966 Plymouth Belvedere II, a Centric Brake Master Cylinder costs $50.80. For... Read More »

How to Find How Much Liquid a Cylinder Holds?

Cylinders are one of the most common shapes for storage containers, especially containers of liquid. Cans of chicken broth, wine barrels and the giant gasoline tankers that pull up at gas stations... Read More »

How Much Should it Cost to Have a Master Cylinder Replaced?

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What is the difference between a single cylinder&a double cylinder deadbolt lock?

Deadbolt locks offer a strong measure of security for exterior doors. Deadbolts are often used on both front and back exterior doors. Double cylinder deadbolts are designed for a specific purpose.F... Read More »