How much gas can you save by riding a bicycle?

Answer The amount of gas you can save by riding a bicycle depends upon your vehicle's gas mileage and the distance you ride instead of drive. The average U.S. gas mileage in 2005 was 21 miles per gallon; ... Read More »

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Is riding a gas-powered bicycle in New Jersey illegal?

Gas-powered bicycles are classified as mopeds according to New Jersey's Motor Vehicle Commission. They are legal, as long as you obtain a moped license. License requirements include the minimum age... Read More »

How much air should be put in a bicycle tires?

The amount of air you should put into your bicycle tires varies depending on the bike. To figure out the proper amount of air for your bicycle, look on the tire for the psi (pounds per square inch)... Read More »

How much does it cost to ship a bicycle?

The cost to ship a bicycle depends on how far it is being shipped and the type of packaging used. If using a regulation-sized box, standard shipping in 2009 ranged between $50 and $85 to ship withi... Read More »

How to Size a Bicycle and Bicycle Seat to Fit the Rider?

Properly sizing a bicycle assists and protects the rider from injuries and enhances the enjoyment of bicycling.