How much fur does it take to make a coat?

Answer The amount of fur needed to make the average fur coat varies according to the animal used. It takes up to 20 foxes to make a fox coat; up to 80 minks to make a mink coat; and an astounding 100 squi... Read More »

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How long does it take a stucco color coat to dry?

There are three layers to a typical stucco application: the scratch coat, the brown coat and the color coat. The cure time for the scratch coat is 48 hours. Next, apply the brown coat, letting it c... Read More »

How much time does it take a bee to make a hive?

Bees travel in swarms. Once they find a suitable place they make honey comb with enough room for the queen to lay up to 1500 eggs per day. They will expand this honey comb for storage of nectar and... Read More »

How much paper does it take to make one tree?

The amount of paper it would take to make a tree would be about 80,500 sheets. This would be for a tree that is 1 foot in diameter and 60 feet tall. The way that this is found is by using the form... Read More »

How much time does it take to make biodiesel?

Depending on the equipment involved, the time required to process a batch of biodiesel can vary. Some equipment takes between 6 and 8 hours. Other equipment can produce a batch in 2 to 4 hours, inc... Read More »