How much fuel does a jet use during takeoff?

Answer The amount of fuel a jet uses during takeoff depends on the type of aircraft, how full it is and the weather conditions. On average, a passenger jet burns about 910 lbs. of fuel, or 136 gallons, du... Read More »

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Air force t-38 jet crash on takeoff.?

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How to Takeoff from a Short Field?

How to take off from a Short Field in a C172 as done in the African Bush.

How to Calculate Takeoff & Landing Distance of a C-152?

As with any aspect of aviation, there are safety checks built into flying. From weight and balance of the aircraft to the maximum altitude you can fly, an airplane and flying both involve many calc... Read More »

How to Takeoff and Land on a Short Runway?

Not every pilot has the luxury of a 3 mile long runway. Of course, depending on the plane you're flying, "short" is relative. However, the technique required to takeoff or land on a short runway is... Read More »