How much fuel does a 747 jet burn?

Answer A Boeing 747 burns about five gallons of fuel per mile. The 747-400, the model currently in use by most airlines, carries about 126,000 pounds of fuel.Source:Boeing

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How hot does jet fuel burn?

Modern jet fuels have a flashpoint of approximately 120 degrees Fahrenheit, which is high enough that people can safely work with the fuel, even on very hot days. The temperature they produce after... Read More »

What temp does jet fuel burn?

Jet fuel is a paraffin oil-based fuel that ignites at 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It generally burns at between 500 and 599 degrees Fahrenheit, and the maximum burning temperature is 1796 degrees Fahre... Read More »

At what temperature does jet fuel burn?

According to the Airport Jet Fuel website, jet fuel burns at about 1,800 degrees F. It would take at least 120 degrees F before jet fuel would blow up (called the flash point).Source:Airport Jet F... Read More »

Does a car burn more fuel the faster it travels?

Yep,A little thing called wind resistance increases as the car gets faster so you need more horse power to go faster. The engine also runs more efficiently in a higher gear so the most ecomical spe... Read More »