How much freon does a 3-ton A/C unit hold?

Answer In order for the coils in an air conditioner to get cold, it uses freon. An A/C unit holds approximately 3 pounds of freon per ton, so a 3-ton unit would hold about 9 pounds of

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Is freon in an a/c unit bad for you?

On One Hand: Limited EffectsIn most cases, freon has a limited effect on one's health. Freon is a refrigeration compound comprised of chemicals such as: carbon, hydrogen, chlorine and fluorine. Air... Read More »

What is 'freon leak' in AC unit?

Freon or R22 as it used to be called, not sure now, may be using R134a is a coolant that has excellent temperature transfer qualities so when its cooled on the outside(evaporator - evaporate heat) ... Read More »

How do I add Freon to a central air unit?

Choose the Right RefrigerantConsult the central air unit's manual to determine the refrigerant that is compatible with the unit.Prepare to Add FreonPut on protective gloves and goggles as Freon is ... Read More »

Can car Freon be used in a home a/c unit?

No they are very different type of machines. and freon is much different cars R134 home type R22 or 410A