How much fossil fuel do we use?

Answer Fossil fuels are high energy sources from plants and animals that died millions of years ago. The fossil fuel reserves are found buried deep in the earth. These reserves are salvaged and used to po... Read More »

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How much fossil fuel do we use in the UK?

The total amount of fossil fuel utilized in the United Kingdom, as of the end of 2008, comes to slightly more than 208.6 million tons. This is composed of oil and natural gas as well as coal.Source... Read More »

How much fossil fuel is used in the US?

According to the Progressive Farmer, a leading magazine in the field of agriculture, in 2008 alone the United States consumed approximately 186 billion gallons of fossil fuels. These numbers are ex... Read More »

How much fossil fuel is left in the world?

At the current rate of consumption, there is about 250 to 350 years of fossil fuels left on Earth. Most of this is coal. There is only about 25 to 40 years of oil left on Earth. It is difficult to ... Read More »

How much fossil fuel does the U.S. consume compared to other countries?

The United States is the largest consumer of fossil fuel in the world. The nation's combined consumption of coal, oil and natural gas in 2004 was equivalent to 2,000 million tons of oil. In contras... Read More »