How much for a Canon rebel g 500mm film camera?

Answer You seem to have the wrong letters and numbers listed.There is a Canon 35 mm Rebel GThere is a 500 mm lens available for that camera..Is this what you are asking? "How much should I charge for a R... Read More »

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Sigma 75-300 lens that you used on a canon rebel xt film camera - you try to use it on a canon 20d an usually get an Err 99 error message - what can you can do?

Does a sigma 170-500mm F5-6.3 fit a canon EOS rebel?

I have a Canon Ixus 400 and have been using a 1GB Integral memory card on it for years - works absolutely fine!

Canon Eos Rebel film camera?

It takes 35mm film. I'll search for a manual for you.Do you have a left hand dial with a red L on it? Try turning it to that.…

Which Canon EOS Rebel film camera would photographers recommend?

Any 35 mm EOS you can find. They all work the same.Look on craigslist or in a proper camera shop that sells used gear.Avoid pawn shops and eBay