How much food do you need to survive?

Answer How much food a person needs to survive is dependent upon many factors, including a person's overall health and weight, the amount of water available, the weather, and a person's will to survive.Th... Read More »

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How much water does a plant need to survive?

The amount of water needed for a plant to survive depends entirely on the type of plant. Some plants, which are often called drought resistant, need almost no water to live. These include cacti and... Read More »

How much food do i need for a party of 50?

Passed appetizers and dessert squares should allow for two to three per person. Two to 3 lbs. of a vegetable or cheese and cracker platter is adequate. Proprotions such as 7 lbs. of salad greens, 1... Read More »

How much money do you need for food at Lambert's Throwed Rolls?

I would say at a budget between $30 and $40 for two people is probably appropriate. You get your dinner, and then they have free, extra food (like the thrown rolls) that anybody can eat as much of ... Read More »

How much does a family of 8 need to make to qualify for food stamps?

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a family of eight can earn up to $4,010 gross monthly or up to $3,085 net monthly and still qualify for food stamps. Income limits are higher in Haw... Read More »