How much food do you need to survive?

Answer How much food a person needs to survive is dependent upon many factors, including a person's overall health and weight, the amount of water available, the weather, and a person's will to survive.Th... Read More »

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What is one type of food u could survive in..?

How long can a cat survive without food or water?

Cats are able to survive without food for several weeks. They are only able to survive without water for a few days. If a cat does not get the water it needs, it is likely to die from dehydration.S... Read More »

How long can a turtle survive without food?

Turtles can survive anywhere from a week to a few weeks without food, depending on how much they ate the last time. However, if your turtle is not eating after two weeks and it is not a baby, a fem... Read More »

How long do roaches survive without food?

Adult cockroaches can live approximately a month without food, but young roaches, called "nymphs," will die within 10 days. Although they can survive a month with no food, they become stressed with... Read More »