How much food do i give per pound for my dog?

Answer On One Hand: Use Standard Ratios as a GuideDifferent dog food manufacturers have varying recommendations for food amounts. Many dog foods recommend feeding 3/4 cup of dry dog food for every 5 pound... Read More »

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How much aspirin should you give a 120-pound dog?

On One Hand: Pain RelieverAspirin has been shown to help alleviate pain in dogs, namely with arthritis, fever or general soreness. Aspirin can be given with food, once every 12 hours. The standar... Read More »

How much dog food do you feed an 80-pound dog?

Breeds over 80 lbs. generally should be fed 5 to 8 cups of dry dog food or two cans of wet food. Health and age also determine the amount of food to feed, especially if your dog is pregnant or nurs... Read More »

How Much Dry Food Should an 80-Pound Lab Eat?

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How Much Food Should I Feed My 36-Pound Puppy?

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