How much fish oil is safe to take?

Answer It is safe to take up to 4,000mg of fish oil per day, but that much should only be consumed by people with high triglycerides. Most other people should take about 1,000mg of fish oil per day for go... Read More »

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How much omega-3 fish oil is safe for dogs?

On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsOmega-3 fish oil, beneficial in treating all sorts of human conditions, is also beneficial for your dog. Omega-3 fish oil is useful in treating dogs' allergies, kidn... Read More »

How much fish oil should I take for acne?

On One Hand: Prevents AcneFish oil contains docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid, two chemical compounds that help reduce inflammation and oil production, which can lead to acne. For opti... Read More »

How much fish oil do you need to take for it to be a benefit?

Fish oil can be taken as a supplement. It contains Vitamin D and Omega-3, both essential for a healthy diet. Fish oil comes in liquid form and as capsules.DosageThe FDA has yet to establish recomme... Read More »

How much Carlson fish oil should you take?

On One Hand: Take one Carlson fish oil tablet dailyThis container holds 60 pills. Each capsule gives you 100 percent Vitamin A, 417 percent Vitamin C, 667 percent Vitamin E and with many other nutr... Read More »