How much fill is needed for a beanbag chair?

Answer The amount of fill depends on the size of the beanbag chair. Polystyrene bead refills are sold in bags sized from 2 to 25 cubic feet. Bags up to 5 cubic feet are good for partial fills, and larger ... Read More »

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How much material is needed to upholster a chair?

An average chair will need about 6 1/2 yards of fabric to upholster it. Factors that can change the yardage necessary for coverage include the type of material used as well as the dimensions of the... Read More »

How much fabric is needed to cover a chair?

The average armchair needs about 8 to 10 yards of fabric, without any pattern matching. Plan on 10 to 12 yards for oversized armchairs or those fabrics with patterns.Source:Measurements

How much yardage is needed to reupholster a swivel rocking chair?

You'll need approximately 9 yards to cover an average-sized swivel rocking chair, using plain, non-patterned material. If using patterns or stripes, add an additional 1 to 2 yards for pattern match... Read More »

How much lighter fluid is needed to fill a Zippo?

A standard size Zippo lighter holds 1/2 ounce of lighter fluid. Zippo recommends filling the lighter slowly until the packing material in the fuel chamber reaches saturation. Stop filling the light... Read More »