How much fiber does an apple contain?

Answer Fiber is needed in the diet to help with the digestive system. Fruits are a great source of dietary fibers. One large apple eaten with the skin on it has about 3.5 grams of soluble fiber in it.Sou... Read More »

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How much salt does an apple contain?

A medium apple about 3 inches in diameter contains 2 mg of sodium (salt). The U.S. recommended daily allowance (RDA) of sodium is 2,400 mg or less, and the U.K. RDA is 1,600 mg or less. Apples are ... Read More »

How much water does an apple contain?

The average apple contains approximately 80 to 85 percent water and also contains vitamins A, vitamin C, pectin, potassium and fiber. Malus Sylvestris is a common European crab apple that contains ... Read More »

Does granola contain soluble fiber?

Yes. Whole grains contain soluble fiber. However, most granola has so much added sugar (and sometimes oil) that a serving is pretty devoid of fiber, and a fraction of that is soluble. So depending ... Read More »

Does Apple Juice Contain Malic Acid?

Apples contain malic acid in levels that vary, depending on factors like the time of year, the variety of apple and the growing conditions. Malic acid is what gives apple juice its flavor and acidi... Read More »