How much fertilizer to put on a lawn in Montana?

Answer On One Hand: Soil testing is necessaryThe Montana State University Extension Service recommends testing soil before fertilizing to determine the appropriate mix of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassiu... Read More »

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How much fertilizer do you need to put on a lawn in montana?

Lawns in Montana can be fertilized the same as most other lawns. For every 1000 square feet of space, use 1 lb. of nitrogen. Select a bag of fertilizer that is recommended for lawns. The first numb... Read More »

How do I pick a lawn fertilizer?

Test Your SoilTest your soil with a soil testing kit to determine what nutrients the lawn needs. The test results will indicate which soil components your soil has deficiencies in. Fertilizer is co... Read More »

Lawn Seed Fertilizer?

Starting a new lawn requires special care to make sure that lawn seeds sprout vigorously and that strong roots are formed. Careful preparation of the soil, addition of soil amendments to aid draina... Read More »

Safe Lawn Fertilizer?

Fertilizing the lawn helps grass grow green and lush, but many chemical compounds found in chemical fertilizers may be harmful to pets and animals. Chemical run-off from lawn fertilizers also contr... Read More »