How much feed will a chicken eat from hatch to maturity?

Answer Food intake varies based on species, but a single maturing chick will generally go through one 5-lb. bag of chicken feed every 2 or 3 weeks. A chicken will grow from hatch to maturity in 7 or 8 wee... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between Chicken Laying Feed & Chicken Scratch?

Egg-laying chickens have simple dietary needs. A healthy diet contains grains, greens, protein and calcium. However, finding the right feed to fulfill these needs can be confusing. Some chicken far... Read More »

How to Hatch a Chicken Egg at Home?

Hatching a fertilized chicken egg is a project that you can do at home, but it will require you to be patient and diligent. Chicken egg hatching consists of creating a warm and humid environment in... Read More »

How to Hatch Chicken Eggs?

Chicken eggs have an incubation period of 21 days and require specialized incubating conditions to hatch successfully. Many different types of incubators can be used when hatching eggs, but the mos... Read More »

Can you hatch a chicken from your refrigerator?

Yes you can but only if your egg is fertile to begin with. Most of the eggs sold in stores come from large chicken farms where the hens are maintained totally separate from males. No males, no fert... Read More »