How much faster will internet be in 10 years?

Answer Well, considering that 10 yrs ago there was only dial-up, look at 5mb broadband, quite revolutionary. Tech has the capabilities to stream 1gb, so it's not impossible. You and I couldnt afford it ... Read More »

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Within the next few years will you be downloading HD films off the internet or will you be buying a blu-ray ?

So, I have the choice of a poor quality, dodgy download, squawking through a set of computer speakersora brand new, high-quality Blu-Ray disc, with all the added extras, thundering through a full-b... Read More »

Will my Internet surfing be faster if i block all cookies?

Deleting your cookies will do nothing to speed up your computer and may actually slow you down while you are online. This is because cookies are what makes it possible for a website to "remember" y... Read More »

Will faster Internet speed reduce game lag?

Yes, faster Internet speed, such as broadband, can help reduce game lag time. However, other factors can also reduce lag time, including purchasing new hardware such as video or graphics cards and ... Read More »

Will my Internet be faster if I have a gigabit port?

Installing a gigabit port will increase the potential speed of your Internet. The actual speed of your Internet service will depend on how much bandwidth your provider allows you and the type of co... Read More »