How much fabric is needed to reupholster a couch?

Answer Reupholstering a standard 6-foot couch with three cushions takes 10 yards of upholstery fabric. Oversized couches, overstuffed sofas and couches with skirts can take as much as 14 yards of fabric.S... Read More »

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How much fabric is needed to upholster a couch?

Sofa sizes vary, but 20 yards of plain, non-patterned fabric is a good rule of thumb for a three-seat sofa with a skirt and matching back and side pillows. If you're using patterns or stripes that ... Read More »

How many yards of fabric are needed to cover a couch?

If you are using plain, non-patterned material, a three-seat sofa with a skirt, back cushions and side pillows will take 20 yards of fabric. To use patterned fabric, add 10 to 15 percent of additio... Read More »

How to Reupholster a Couch?

Make the furniture in your house match even if you did not buy a set by reupholstering your couches with the same material.Re-upholstering furniture is a great way to personalize mass-produced furn... Read More »

How much does it cost to reupholster a couch?

The price of reupholstering a couch varies due to many factors; the size of the couch and type of material are the largest expenses. Fabric costs from $5 to more than $20 per yard. There is also th... Read More »