How much fabric is needed for a sofa slipcover?

Answer Measure the dimensions of your sofa at the widest parts. Add an additional 3 inches for seams. A yard of material is 36 inches. Divide your inches of fabric by 36 to figure yardage.

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How do I pin a slipcover to a sofa?

Position the SlipcoverRemove cushions and pillows from the sofa. Add or reposition the slipcover on the sofa so that it is in place. Inspect the slipcover to ensure it is secure. Slipcovers should ... Read More »

How to Make a Sofa Slipcover?

A sofa slipcover can give new life to an older piece of furniture, as well as provide a room with a fresh appearance. While it is possible to buy slipcovers, making your own is more cost-effective ... Read More »

How much material would you need for a sofa slipcover?

The amount of material you need depends on the size of the sofa. According to Decorator Secrets, you need 10 yards of fabric for a 6-foot-long sofa, 11 yards of fabric for a 7-foot-long sofa and 13... Read More »

How to Slipcover a Three Cushion Sofa?

When the fabric on your sofa starts to look outdated or those stains won't go away, or even if you just want a new look for your living space, you can makeover your sofa instantly with a new slipco... Read More »