How much fabric does it take to cover a sofa?

Answer Should you decide to reupholster your sofa, you need quite a bit of fabric. Typically, you may use between 18 and 22 yards of fabric to recover your sofa, which varies depending on the exact size o... Read More »

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The Types of Sofa Fabric?

When it comes to choosing a quality fabric for your sofa, there are a multitude of different fabric types. Sofa fabric type is one way to determine the quality of your sofa. All fabrics have differ... Read More »

Where is the fabric code on a sofa?

The fabric cleaning codes on a sofa are usually located on a tag found sewn into a seam of the platform under the cushions. They sometimes can be found also on a label affixed to the bottom of the ... Read More »

How much fabric does it take to upholster a sofa?

For a 6-foot sofa, Interior Mall recommends using 10 yards of fabric, a 7-foot sofa needs 11 yards, and a 9-foot model requires 13 yards. This will ensure full coverage of the couch and leave room ... Read More »

How much fabric does it take to reupholster a sofa?

Using standard 54-inch wide upholstery fabric, a typical 6-foot sofa requires about 10 yards of fabric to upholster. An 8-foot-long sofa could take 13 or more yards of fabric. Considerations includ... Read More »