How much fabric do I need to upholster a chair?

Answer Different styles of chairs require different amounts of fabric for upholstery. A basic dining room chair will require a yard while a large recliner requires 7 yards. The average amount of fabric re... Read More »

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What amount of fabric is needed to upholster a Queen Anne chair?

According to Penny Pinching Grandma, to reupholster a Queen Anne chair you are going to need 1 1/2 to 2 yards of fabric. If the pattern you have chosen has lines or elaborate decorations, you will ... Read More »

How do you upholster the inside curve of wooden chair back with no batting and without the fabric ballooning?

Spray Adhesive Might Work I feel that spray adhesive might be your best bet. However, it may stain your fabric through to the outside. Use a test piece before applying to the actual furniture.

How much does it cost to upholster a chair?

Professionally reupholstering a simple dining chair will cost approximately $350, plus material costs. A more complex wingback chair costs $400 to $500. The cost of more complex jobs, such as tufti... Read More »

How much material is needed to upholster a chair?

An average chair will need about 6 1/2 yards of fabric to upholster it. Factors that can change the yardage necessary for coverage include the type of material used as well as the dimensions of the... Read More »