How much extra does the lg ally cost per month Verizon?

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How do you activate a lg ally from Verizon?

Most developers who make high demand apps (angry birds, twitter, ect.) will release apps for both the platforms

How to Turn Up the Volume on a Verizon LG Ally?

Released in May 2010 on the Verizon network, the LG Ally features a touchscreen and a slide-out keyboard. You can place phone calls, send and receive text and email messages, take pictures, set ala... Read More »

How to Install the Verizon Backup Assistant on an LG Ally?

Android-powered smartphones like the LG Ally can automatically sync contacts with the Gmail account associated with the phone. If you choose not to sync your contacts with Gmail, Verizon Wireless p... Read More »

Is It Better to Pay an Extra Mortgage Payment or to Pay Extra Each Month?

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