How much exercise is too much during pregnancy?

Answer Exercise during pregnancy is highly recommended by many doctors and health organizations. Determining how much exercise is too much during pregnancy depends on several factors.Pre-Pregnancy HealthW... Read More »

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How much do breasts grow during pregnancy?

Many women experience breast growth during pregnancy, as well as breast and nipple tenderness, because of hormonal changes, according to the American Pregnancy Association. Many women's breasts gro... Read More »

How much Omega 3 is needed during pregnancy?

The American Pregnancy Association recommends that pregnant women consume 300 mg per day of Omega-3 oil, especially during the final trimester. During this time, your baby uses Omega-3 to form the ... Read More »

How much weight should one gain during pregnancy?

The amount of weight a woman should gain when pregnant depends on whether she had a healthy BMI (body mass Index) before pregnancy. Women with a healthy pre-pregnancy BMI should gain between 25 and... Read More »

What if you lose too much weight during pregnancy?

Answer Depends on the starting weight. My wife is considered obese and has lost weight with all three of our children. They closely monitored the fetus to be sure it was still developing on targe... Read More »