How much exercise is enough for kids?

Answer With the rise in childhood obesity, keeping kids active is an increasing concern for parents. Making sure kids get enough exercise is one important way to help them become healthy adults.Amount of ... Read More »

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How much exercise do kids need?

Kids need physical activity. It's that simple. Exercise helps children build healthy bones and muscles. It helps them burn off the calories contained in unhealthy junk food. Exercise decreases kids... Read More »

Is 20 mins of exercise a day enough?

20-minutes a day is definitely enough provided you:1) Always make the workout as tough as you can2) Complete your 20-minutes 5 days a week. You need a couple of days a week rest to optimise result... Read More »

Is a mile walk a day enough exercise?

It depends on your diet and physical needs.If you need to lose weight here is a natural plan that may help:

How to Ensure Your Child Gets Enough Exercise?

During these days of technology in which many children prefer to sit and play video games rather than go play outside, it can be difficult for parents to ensure that their children are getting the ... Read More »