How much evidence is needed?

Answer How much evidence is needed to do what? Get the government to do something about the runaway fleecing of the public by the big pharmaceuticals and their cronies, the doctors, hospitals, nurses, dr... Read More »

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What Evidence Is Needed to Convict a Person of a Crime?

In countries such as the United States, evidence that shows proof "beyond reasonable doubt" is a guiding principle that is needed to convict a person of a crime. However, the term "beyond reasonabl... Read More »

Hearsay and the Law of Evidence?

The law of evidence applies in court proceedings, both civil and criminal, and governs the admissibility of testimony, documents and other tangible objects. The federal courts utilize the Federal R... Read More »

What is material evidence?

Evidence is anything offered to prove or disprove a fact during a legal proceeding. Material evidence is anything relevant to or with substantive bearing on a specific fact in a case.Evidence in Ge... Read More »

Foundations of Evidence Law?

Evidence law governs what evidence is admissible in a civil or criminal trial. The Federal Rules of Evidence are used in Federal courts. Although these Rules are not binding on state courts, most s... Read More »