How much evidence is needed?

Answer How much evidence is needed to do what? Get the government to do something about the runaway fleecing of the public by the big pharmaceuticals and their cronies, the doctors, hospitals, nurses, dr... Read More »

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What Evidence Is Needed to Convict a Person of a Crime?

In countries such as the United States, evidence that shows proof "beyond reasonable doubt" is a guiding principle that is needed to convict a person of a crime. However, the term "beyond reasonabl... Read More »

How much HP is needed for an alternator?

For every 25 amps of power generated, an alternator needs 1 HP (horsepower) from the engine. Using this calculation, you can determine that a 100-amp alternator needs 4 HP to run at maximum capacit... Read More »

How much R134a is needed?

Most air-conditioning systems use a total of 2.2 lb. of coolant. Some systems may require more, some less. To top off a system, consumer products exist that hook to the low pressure port on the A/C... Read More »

How much RAM is needed for a Gateway 700 XP?

The Gateway 700X line of computers has four memory slots and can support up to 4 GB of system memory. The minimum amount of system memory, or RAM, that Gateway 700X systems can support is 256 MB.S... Read More »