How much eugenol is in clove oil?

Answer The amount of eugenol in clove oil varies based on the part of the plant used to make the oil. Clove bud oil is made up of 60 percent to 90 percent eugenol. Oil from clove stems is 90 percent to 95... Read More »

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Is eugenol a mixture of benzoic alcohol&oil of clove?

Eugenol is a mixture of a benzoic alcohol and oil of clove. The benzene ring within eugenol consists of six carbons, and the ring is bonded to an OH, which is the alcohol group. Eugenol gives clove... Read More »

What is a garlic clove how much segment or the whole clove?

A whole garlic is called a "head" (or sometimes a "bulb"). A clove is one of the individual segments that make up the head.

Where do you find oil of clove to use to make clove candy?

Purchase clove oil from health food stores, some drug stores, vitamin stores, Indian and Asian markets, and online. Because clove oil is an essential oil used for aromatherapy, home remedies and co... Read More »

How much tar is in clove cigarettes?

On average, clove cigarettes contain nearly twice as much tar as cigarettes made exclusively from tobacco. Levels of tar in clove cigarettes depend on both the type and the quality of the tobacco a... Read More »