How much energy will a radio take up if left on 24/7?

Answer Yes that is a pain! But then again I am lucky if I can preset anything! LOLSo glad you have protection.......and surge!!!!Now as for the energy..hmmmm.....maybe slow music uses less than rock & rol... Read More »

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Which household items use energy when left plugged in?

Anything that doesn't have an external power switch such as a refrigerator and anything that is left in standby mode such as TV's and PC's.

How much energy does a radio wave have?

On One Hand: Very Little EnergyThe energy of a radio wave ranges from about 0.4 nano-electron volts to 0.1 milli-electron volts per photon associated with the wave. This can be determined from the... Read More »

Do cordless phones emit radio frequency energy?

Cordless phones do emit radio frequency energy at a similar or higher level than cell phones. It has also been noted that the receiver the phone sits in also emits radio frequency energy. Cordless ... Read More »

When you cross the road do you look left, right then left or right, left then right?

i like to look up, down, then up again