How much energy joules in a peanut?

Answer Yes, there are energy joules in a peanut.One peanut releases 1,880 physicist calories, or 1.88 food calories. Energy is measured in joules. One food calorie equals 4,200 joules. So one peanut has j... Read More »

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If you son had a deadly peanut allergy and a child at school knew it and taunted him with a peanut butter?

First, the teacher seems like s/he has the situation under control. Thank him or her for that. That's what I would do. If there is a repeat, and the teacher doesn't escalate action (contacting p... Read More »

Jeff Dunham has a purple friend named Peanut. What kind of creature is Peanut?

Peanut is a purple skinned woozle. A woozle, which appears to be a reference to Winnie the Pooh, tends to be a weasel like creature.

If you'd send peanut products to a classroom or school that's peanut free because of life-threatening allergy?

It's because their are ignorant (it's all psychological), unsympathetic (don't make the rest of us suffer!), imbeciles....plain and simple.another child's life is WAY more important to me than a PB... Read More »

How many joules are in a refrigerator?

For every joule of electricity we put into a refrigerator we can extract up to 25 joules of heat from its contents.