How much energy does it take to turn on a light bulb?

Answer When you turn on a compact fluorescent light bulb, you're using about as much energy as it takes to run that same light bulb for five seconds. Compact fluorescent bulbs use about 80 percent less en... Read More »

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How much energy does it take to light a 60-watt light bulb for an hour?

The amount of energy a device uses is measured in watts. So a 60 watt light bulb will use 60 watts of electricity. However, the amount of electricity used over a period of time is typically measure... Read More »

How much energy does a light bulb consume?

A light bulb's watts tells you how much electricity it consumes in an hour: a 100-watt bulb uses 100 watts per hour. A kilowatt-hour (kWh) is kilowatts used per hour (utility companies charge by ki... Read More »

Does the size of a light bulb affect how much energy it uses?

AnswerThere are two ways to answer this question, depending upon what the questioner means by the "size" of a light bulb. .Size as form factorThe physical size of a light bulb makes no difference ... Read More »

How much energy does a 100-watt light bulb use each minute?

A 100-watt light bulb uses 100 watts of energy per hour. Translated to minutes, this means a 100-watt bulb uses 1.7 watts per minute. This can also be stated as 102 Joules, 0.02833 watt hours, 0.00... Read More »