How much energy does an electric golf cart use?

Answer The amount of energy used by an electric golf cart varies by manufacturer. However, the voltage used will commonly be either 36 or 48 volts. Figure out the wattage of a cart by multiplying voltag... Read More »

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How long does an electric golf cart run?

A fully charged electric golf cart can typically run between 15 to 30 miles depending on the terrain traveled, load of the cart and age of the batteries. Those with newer batteries can already run ... Read More »

How to Check a Battery for an Electric Golf Cart?

PreparationLift the seat of a golf cart to locate the battery. They are usually a bank of six 6-volt batteries. Remove the cables from the batteries. Check all six batteries on a monthly basis.Test... Read More »

How to Register an Electric Golf Cart in Florida?

As of 2010, the state of Florida does not require registration of electric golf carts. However, some municipalities in Florida do. Those cities include but are not limited to South Daytona, Cedar K... Read More »

Methods to Speed Up an EZ-GO Electric Golf Cart?

Electric golf carts, compared to the slower and less reliable gas-powered carts of the past, have become the popular transportation choice on the golf course. These carts are generally restricted t... Read More »