How much energy does a water heater use?

Answer The amount of energy used by a water heater varies. Model design, tank size, water usage, heat source, thermostat temperature and use or lack of insulation surrounding the heater and hot water pipe... Read More »

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Save energy by turning water heater off?

This isn't a good solution. Yes, it will save you money on electric or gas costs, but it is much harder on the water heater and will cause it to wear out much quicker.If you want to save energy, w... Read More »

What is the most energy efficient water heater for my home?

First of all, do not get an instantaneous water heater if you have a high level of minerals in your water, unless you are willing to pay to have it cleaned every two or three years. We charge $120... Read More »

What Is the Energy Factor of a Power Vent Water Heater?

The energy factor is a term defined by the U.S. Department of Energy that rates the overall efficiency of a power vent water heater. It includes the rate of thermal efficiency and the standby loss... Read More »

Which is more energy efficient: on-demand or a storage water heater?

On One Hand: Conventional Heaters Can Be ImprovedThe energy efficiency of conventional water heaters improves with the installation of blanket insulation to the outside of the storage tank and by s... Read More »