How much energy does a plasma or LCD TV use?

Answer LCDs use less energy than plasma televisions. A 42-inch LCD runs 210 watts, while plasma runs 270, and a 50-inch LCD uses 260 while plasma uses 340.Source:How Much Electricity Does TV Use

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How Much Energy Does a Plasma LCD TV Use?

The amount of energy used by a plasma LCD TV depends on the brand and size. A generic 42-inch plasma television uses 270 watts; a generic 42-inch LCD television uses 210 watts.Source:Mr. Electricity

What happens when you remove energy from plasma?

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Which one is better, LCD TV or PLASMA TV as regards to Energy, Visual and Durability?

Energy:Typical 42" LCD - about 300 watts.Typical 42" plasma - about 350 watts.Visual:LCD - good for games; works well in brightly lit rooms.Not good for fast moving movie action; not good if you si... Read More »

What is the role of plasma in relation of energy?

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