How much energy does a desktop computer use?

Answer The standard desktop computer contains a CPU and monitor. These devices together consume about 250 watts electricity. Adding printers or other peripherals will increase that number. Other variables... Read More »

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In a desktop computer, which component consumes the maximum amount of electrical energy?

The processor and graphics card typically use more electricity than any other desktop computer component. Which one uses more energy varies. In most office and home computers, the processor uses th... Read More »

If I vacuumed inside my desktop computer case, is my computer's motherboard fried?

ESD =Electro Static Discharge can damage a motherboard and all of its components static doesn't seem like much to us as humans but for those tiny components its like lightning so you could have ver... Read More »

I m a computer science student. i want to purchase a computer.. what should i prefer laptop or desktop?

for Rs.38000 u will get an average laptop, but if u buy a besktop in this Range, then for Rs.38000, u can get a very good desktop woth AMD phenom or Intel Core 2 Duo processor, good motherboard wit... Read More »

On my desktop computer it records the history of sites visted under My Computer. Can I turn this off?

Go to the control panel and open Internet Options. Under Browsing History open settings. Under history, set days to keep pages in history to zero. When you close the browser, the history will be cl... Read More »