How much energy does a desktop computer use?

Answer The standard desktop computer contains a CPU and monitor. These devices together consume about 250 watts electricity. Adding printers or other peripherals will increase that number. Other variables... Read More »

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How much does a desktop computer weigh?

The average desktop computer--including the monitor and all system components--weighs approximately 53 lbs. Computers are composed of numerous heavy metals, including mercury, lead, chromium and ca... Read More »

How much power does a desktop computer use?

The average desktop computer uses 65 to 250 watts of electricity. The power used varies depending upon how many hours per day the computer is actually on and how many hours it is in sleep or standb... Read More »

How much energy does a computer screen consume?

According to the University of Wisconsin at Madison's Information Technology Division, a typical cathode ray tube monitor consumes about 75 watts of energy, while a flat-screen monitor consumes onl... Read More »

In a desktop computer, which component consumes the maximum amount of electrical energy?

The processor and graphics card typically use more electricity than any other desktop computer component. Which one uses more energy varies. In most office and home computers, the processor uses th... Read More »