How much energy does a computer screen consume?

Answer According to the University of Wisconsin at Madison's Information Technology Division, a typical cathode ray tube monitor consumes about 75 watts of energy, while a flat-screen monitor consumes onl... Read More »

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How much energy does a Samsung flat screen TV consume?

Samsung makes flat screen TVs in a few different sizes and makes. The energy consumption would be different for each depending on their size and make. One example is that a Samsung SyncMaster 151M... Read More »

Does black LCD screen consume less energy than white?

nope...lcd's are backlit screens, so there is a small consistent light source back-lighting a screen..."black" is just something (LCD) blocking the light whereas white is letting the l... Read More »

How much energy does a ceiling fan consume?

Ceiling fan energy usage varies by the size of the fan. As of October 2009, a 36-inch fan used 55 watts while a 56-inch used 100 watts. Ceiling fans use the same wattage as light bulbs.Source:Ceili... Read More »

How much solar energy do we consume in a year?

For the 2008 calendar year, domestic consumption of solar power was .091 quadrillion, or 91 trillion BTU, or British Thermal Units. In comparison, Americans consumed 81 trillion BTU in 2007. Statis... Read More »