How much energy does a battery store?

Answer Batteries are often rated in milliampere-hours instead of watt-hours. Battery ratings can be converted to energy if the average voltage of the battery during discharge is known. For example, a 3.6-... Read More »

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How much energy is in a AAA battery?

One AAA battery carries between 1.2 to 1.5 volts during discharge. This holds true for all brands of the battery, from Rayovac to Duracell.Source:AAA battery informationBattery Energy Storage

How Much Energy is in a Car Battery?

According to, a car battery's energy can range from 15 to 200 watts, depending on the model purchased. Car batteries are generally used to start the car, and the car's alternator ... Read More »

What kind of energy conversion does a battery provide?

A battery, or cell, provides the conversion of chemical energy directly into electrical energy. Chemical reactions occur at the electrodes--the positive and negative electrically conducting parts--... Read More »

How much longer does an 1800 mh Li-ion battery last compared to a 1700 mh Li-ion battery?

Answer mh is not a recognised unit of measure. Please edit your question.