How much energy does a 100-watt light bulb use each minute?

Answer A 100-watt light bulb uses 100 watts of energy per hour. Translated to minutes, this means a 100-watt bulb uses 1.7 watts per minute. This can also be stated as 102 Joules, 0.02833 watt hours, 0.00... Read More »

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How much energy does it take to light a 60-watt light bulb for an hour?

The amount of energy a device uses is measured in watts. So a 60 watt light bulb will use 60 watts of electricity. However, the amount of electricity used over a period of time is typically measure... Read More »

Can I use a 120 watt flourescent bulb (32 watt draw) in a maximum 60-watt incandescent light fixture?

The rating of the fixture is simply to limit the current that you put on it. If you have a fluorescent bulb that is drawing less current (32W) than the rating of the fixture (60W), there is no pro... Read More »

What does the difference between a 60-watt and a 100-watt light bulb describe?

How much energy does a 400-watt halogen bulb use?

A 400 watt halogen bulb uses 0.4 kilowatts per hour or kWh. If this bulb is left on continuously, it will use 9.6 kWh over a 24-hour period or 3,504 kilowatt-hours of energy per year.Source:U.S. De... Read More »