How much energy does America waste?

Answer Simple actions, such as installing energy efficient appliances throughout the home, could help Americans waste less energy. In 2002, an average American family wasted approximately $150 annually on... Read More »

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Does solar energy produce harmful waste?

On One Hand: Directly, NoAccording to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, using solar energy does not produce any harmful waste or environmental pollution as a byproduct. The benefit of sol... Read More »

Does a lamp that is plugged in but not turned on still waste money and energy?

No, it doesn't because no energy is being expended, you don't have to pay for the plug sitting in the outlet, which is all that's going on.

Is waste to energy a renewable source of energy?

The U.S. Energy Information Administration classifies waste-to-energy production as part of biomass energy production, which covers energy from organic materials such as wood, crops, garbage and al... Read More »

Is this a waste of energy?

Well, Generally most a appliances use their max energy when they are on, but some electrical appliances such as microwaves and ranges use minimal energy when their off, due to the fact of their tim... Read More »