How much energy can a cell extract from a 1-pound all-glucose sugar bar?

Answer Glucose is a carbohydrate which provides about 4 calories per gram. There are about 453 g in a pound so a pound of glucose contains about 453 x 4 = 1,812 calories. A cell would therefore extract ... Read More »

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How much more energy does one gram of uranium produce than one pound of coal?

Bituminous coal, the type power plants most commonly use, produces 27 kilojoules per gram. A gram of uranium produces more than 144 megajoules. Uranium fission therefore produces more than 5,300 ti... Read More »

Can you extract information from a Verizon cell to a computer using a USB?

Some manufacturers provide software capable of extracting information from their Verizon cell phones. For those phones without an official solution, the program BitPim can extract information from... Read More »

How to Extract the History From a Samsung M300 Cell Phone?

The Samsung M300 was released in 2007 for the Sprint wireless network. This compact clamshell phone, also known as the SPH-M300, came in silver and red and can send and receive text and picture mes... Read More »

What is the main source of cell energy?

The energy that powers cells comes from a high-energy phosphate bond referred to as ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). Living organisms use other sources of energy, such as the combustion of carbohydrat... Read More »